Creating Wealth Through People

For over 30 years hfi has utilized a science-based psychological approach and in-depth business knowledge to unlock the potential of global organizations and create wealth through people.

Developing Talent


hfi assess current capability and future potential to build cohesive high performance teams.

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Developing Talent


hfi deliver individual and team programs that help to develop your organizations leadership talent.

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Organizational Effectivness


hfi help you build the framework of organizational success through strong leadership.

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Wealth Creation


hfi develop Wealth Creators in business to ensure they add value to your organization in the long term.

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Is The Interview A Roll Of The Dice?

Is The Interview A Roll Of The Dice? Why Interviewing Is A Poor Selection Technique by Gavin Donaldson for HFinsight Throughout human history, right up until the 20th Century, people have been selected for. It was Thomas Edison in the...

Work Behavior Explained By The hfi Onion

It turns out Shrek was right, but not just about Ogres.  People are also like onions.   Onions are made up of many layers, semi-translucent and sometimes harder to look into.  On the outside we are smooth, whole and unassuming but...

A Transformative Personality Test Experience With hfi

A Transformative Personality Test Experience With hfi By Sean Duffy   Recently I was given the opportunity to take hfi’s suite of personality tests and performance assessment tests and received personal feedback from one of hfi’s professional business psychologists. I...

What Others Are Saying

A very successful event on both a professional and leadership development aspect but also building relationships across the group… I have been surprised by the quality and insightfulness of the feedback – thank you.
A Delegate, Capgemini Vice President Development Centre, 2012
Of all the people who had been through the hfi process, none had presented performance problems. Of the staff that hadn’t completed the process some had performance problems.
President, DDAT

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