Creating Wealth Through People

For over 30 years hfi has utilized a science-based psychological approach and in-depth business knowledge to unlock the potential of global companies and create wealth through people.

Developing Talent


Assessing current capability and future potential to build cohesive high performance teams.

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Developing Talent


Delivering individual and team programs that help to develop your organizations leadership talent.

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Organizational Effectivness


Helping you build the framework of organizational success through strong leadership.

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Wealth Creation


Developing wealth creators in business to ensure they add value to your organization in the long term.

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A Transformative Personality Test Experience With hfi

A Transformative Personality Test Experience With hfi By Sean Duffy   Recently I was given the opportunity to take hfi’s suite of personality tests and performance assessment tests and received personal feedback from one of hfi’s professional business psychologists. I...

Global Leadership and Cultural Differences

Charlie Atkinson for HF Insight, December 2014 Leadership and the ability to lead is an important concept within our world of work. It has been studied and analyzed for centuries from Sun Tzu and Shakespeare to Bernard M Bass and Jack...

Are you a Teddy Bear at work?

Teddy Bears Rumble Teddy Bears are soft and dependable, always there to listen and support. They do what they are asked and show little personal initiative. They do not question those in authority but respect superior status and admire firmness...

What others are saying

A very successful event on both a professional and leadership development aspect but also building relationships across the group… I have been surprised by the quality and insightfulness of the feedback – thank you.
A Delegate, Capgemini Vice President Development Centre, 2012
Of all the people who had been through the hfi process, none had presented performance problems. Of the staff that hadn’t completed the process some had performance problems.
President, DDAT

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